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NewsMax's Blaylock Wellness Report on Cholesterol


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Dr. Russell Blaylock argues that cholesterol is a myth when it comes to heart diseases. Dr. Blaylock notes that cholesterol is linked to heart disease only 50 percent of the time.

What causes heart disease and heart attacks. Most experts say cholesterol is key. But not everybody. Russell Blaylock, MD, a respected nutritionist says that inflammation is the real culprit. Cholesterol is simply a symptom of inflammation. The body responds to inflammation by producing more cholesterol which then is used to cover inflamed arteries. Read more about Cholesterol here.

Your gums could tell you if you'll die of a heart attack. What's the link? Well, simply it's bacteria and viruses. The more you are diseased the more your tissues become inflamed. This in turn causes cholesterol and plaque build up. Dr. Blaylock explains how to reduce inflammation. Get the full cholesterol story.

Dr. Russell Blaylock explodes the myths that dietary cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries and that only drugs such as statins can prevent heart attacks and strokes by lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Get the facts about cholesterol here.

Research companies have introduced new cholesterol tests that promise to revolutionize the way we measure and treat cholesterol! A few measures in particular have gained attention for their ability to better predict heart disease. Read more info about cholesterol here.

Eating garlic raw or in supplement form does not lower "bad" cholesterol levels, despite widespread health claims for the pungent plant bulb. Other health claims ascribed to garlic should be studied as well. Read more about the affect on your cholesterol here.

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs do not help severely ill diabetics, and may even raise their risk of a deadly stroke, a study found. In the study, patients on Lipitor were twice as likely to die of a stroke. Get informed about cholesterol here.

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